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On Mothering in a Pandemic and Hiding in the Pantry

"In struggle, we find ourselves. Through adversity, we learn who we really are." - some midwestern high school football coachI was watching 30Rock last night. The episode where Liz gets jury duty and the defendant is a woman on trial for setting fire to the Kinkos where she is manager. After a day of her employees disappointing her at every turn, she comes to believe that her new beginning can only come with a cleansing fire. And that, phoenix-like, she'll rise from the ashes. This resonates with Liz, who then proceeds to almost burn all of her employees, all of whom have disappointed her at every turn, alive in her office. Now, I'm not going to say that this pandemic is going to turn me into an arsonist. At least I hope not. But it has certainly been a microscope for an awful lot of truths.Sure, it's imbued us with a rustic pioneerism that has us obsessively baking our own sourdough bread and starting container gardens on our decks. And it's also brought int…

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