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Funny Haha and the Dead Anything Club

My dad had an expression. Actually, it was more of a clarification. Some things were funny. But were they "funny haha" or "funny funny?" That was the thing.

Me: The funniest thing happened to me at the store today.
Dad: Funny haha? Or funny funny?
Me: Funny haha.

Me: There's something funny about driving to work at 4 in the morning.
Dad: Funny haha? Or funny funny?
Me: Funny funny. Definitely. *groan*

And, once, when he was in the hospital talking to me about his cancer:

Dad: You know, it's funny how your perspective shifts when you realize that you've got something that is maybe eventually going to kill you.
Me: Funny haha? Or funny funny?
Dad: Yes. Both.

He wasn't wrong, was he?

Life can be a real kick in the dick.

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