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Potently Potable Goodbyes

I remember watching Jeopardy in the wood-paneled living room of my grandparent's house. We sat four cousins across with more on the floor, sprawled like puppies in front of an entertainment center that my grandpa built himself in the garage behind the house. I only remember watching three things at their house: Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and St. Louis Cardinals baseball. I don't remember watching it with my parents at home. I'm sure we did from time to time but it wasn't until I met and married my husband that Jeopardy became a fixture in my life again. It's on every night while we cook dinner after putting our children to bed, and we just pass one another comfortably, calling out answers as we execute the complicated but well-practiced choreography of a couple preparing dinner together in a kitchen that is entirely too narrow and entirely too cluttered. Until fairly recently, considering, my husband would record it and start watching at 7:35 so that we could fast

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